B-1 Discussion Paper

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Ronald Reagan challenged the status quo and had a vision to do something different in regards to protecting America and freeing the seven American hostages. In my current job as a B-1 Production Superintendent, I have noticed there is a status quo in place, which is called “fuel, bombs, fix.” Using my experience from previous aircraft, I saw a more logical approach and wanted to use “fix, fuel, bombs.” I used intellectual stimulation and asked my coworkers some “thinking outside the box” questions. Through this process, I stimulated my co-workers’ minds to challenge our status quo. By employing intellectual stimulation throughout the group, I reevaluated the process and determined a need for change. Some co-workers had been doing the old…show more content…
One example of this is deciding if I take the extra time to do things the right way and follow the technical data, or if I just get the job done by not following the technical data. I recall an instance not long ago when I oversaw a shift and one of our B-1s had an issue with its in-flight refueling receptacle. The aircraft had an issue which rendered it incapable of being able to refuel in the air. As the young fuel technician changed out a part, he brought to my attention that a piece inside the aircraft appeared partially broken. The Airman told me the part should last for a while, but it will break again. What was I supposed to do? Do I have him finish up the job with a bad part or do I take the extra six hours of work, follow the tech data, and get a new part installed? This was the ethical dilemma I faced. The situation also brought up the issue of critical thinking and depth for me. Referencing our ALE handbook (2017), the situation represented a problem with complexities and difficulties that made it a difficult problem to solve. After working through my ethical dilemma which, according to the ALE handbook (2017)
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