B.1. Video Number 34, Engaging In Meaningful Play And Role

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B.1. Video number 34, Engaging in Meaningful Play and Role Play to Explore Community Jobs, cultural appropriateness of the resources and learning opportunities are used by the teacher explaining the many different jobs that are in a community. B.1.a. One way the teacher in the video could have brought more cultural diversity into the classroom would be to dress in different professional job attire different days while teaching about many different jobs in the community. The teacher had dress up clothes for the students, but dressing up herself could show the students different clothing different professions wear. Therefore, she could talk to the children about the different uniforms that some professionals have to wear. B.1.b. The…show more content…
B.2.a. Within this video, the teacher took her students on a field trip to observe citizens and gauge how the rights showed individualism in America. It made them aware of stereotyping. This supports students learning about cultural diversity by showing how others were treated in history. In student reflection forms, students wrote about how color should not matter when interacting with others. People can be a good person even if they aren’t religious or believe the same way as themselves. The teacher taught the students that everyone is different and that we need to look for and identify the good qualities of others. This was an effective way to teach the students because they became more aware of the way they acted toward others. B.3. Video number 994, Finding Slope and Y-Intercept in Different Forms, the teacher has four students who benefit from modifications of instruction. The role of exceptional education is that all students can learn in the classroom, and making those modifications and accommodations for those students to do their best. B.3.a. One student with ADHD often shares his ideas, the whole class has to be aware of his need for active engagement so that he can stay focused. Another student is newer to the United States and has a harder time with reading word problems, therefore he struggles with specific words in math that don’t align with the English words he does know. A third student has a

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