B-29: The Airplane that Changed the World

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“Never before had so much brain-power been focused on a single problem.”(Laurence qtd. in “Eyewitness”). Many inventions can be said to have changed the world, and the way it worked. Only a core few of these many inventions can be said to change air warfare, and few of those are as game-changing as the B-29 Superfortress by Boeing. The B-29 was the plane that dropped the atomic bombs in World War Two (“bomber”). The plane by Boeing was used most in World War Two as a strategic long-range bomber. This invention revolutionized the concept of war, and war is a factor in all life on planet earth. The B-29 bomber changed warfare by sparking the innovation of aircraft technology, saving lives, and allowing more power to be carried by the means…show more content…
These troops were still needed in some aspects of war, but a vast number of them were not needed as much in warfare from that point onward. The vastly improved technology on the B-29 bomber allowed it to do something no other plane could do before. This was easily and safely invading enemy airspace (“bomber”). It easily invaded enemy airspace by flying higher than other planes could easily dispatch and flying faster than it took the enemies to realize there had even been a bomber until the bomb struck and the bomber was safe and sound away from the blast. That way many less dogfights had to take place and entire armies did not have to be sent to attack a target that could be brought down much more efficiently (Powell 417). The planes abilities were used to target weak points of the other side and terrorise the enemies of the Allied powers. There was much less deaths of attackers and much more success when they used airplanes. Some countries during World War Two realized this advantage of bombers and used it to great success. Examples of other times bombers like the B-29 were used was during the Blitz bombing on the Allies mainly in England (Swanston 110). These bombers were way less efficient than the B-29 bomber that came years earlier, but these bombings show that more than one country was taking advantage of the abilities of the bombers, even crude ones. The bombings that the B-29 and others of its kind took out were
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