B 3210 Case Study

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Disposal update: Overall disposal 56%.  The following warehouses are 100% complete (Bldg. 3210, 371, 3275, 302, 303, 1253, 1258, 370).  Bldg. 1259 is 50 – 60% complete.  Dane said due to a potential environmental concern, the tooling materials in B.3210 have not been disposed yet. Dane planned to contact the environmental group to have them performed an environmental assessment to determine the best course of disposal action.  SAT materials – Patti said 99% of the SAT materials have been resolved – she left with one line item and she is currently working on getting that one solved.  Dane drew Michal attention to the fact that unknown individuals have been dropping potentially hazardous materials into the disposal bin. Suggestions
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