B.A.T.A.M: An Ethnographic Film Produced by Johan Lindquist

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“B.A.T.A.M” is an ethnographic film produced by Johan Lindquist. It presents stories of two women who live on the Indonesian island of Batam. Wati, one of the major participants of the interview is a young female factory worker. Another major participant, Dewi, who came from Java and used to work in an electronic factory, is currently working as a prostitute. The film primarily shows how the “multinational capitalism and migration interact in the shadowlands of globalization”. In my analysis, I will mainly dress on the critique of the film in terms of both the quality and the ethical aspects of the film as an ethnographical film. An ethnographic study aims to explore and analyze a particular group of people’s social practices, and…show more content…
Also, different ethnographers have various perspectives and personal understandings about the “reality” they choose to capture, therefore, their preexisting schemas or intentional attitudes will directly affect their way of framing the film as well as the particular aspect they may choose to emphasize and explore. In this respect, this form of interpretation of the culture is very much based on the ethnographer’s chosen way of description and explanation of the reality. In this regard, audiences are standing on their perspective ways of looking at the social practices, which is obviously biased. Therefore, film itself is simply a visual illustration, a medium of presenting, of the particular aspect the ethnographer chooses to analyze and explore. In this ethnographic film, for example, the film indicates that women prostitution is a pervasive phenomenon in Batam. According to Dewi’s description, it seems like being a prostitute is their fate, their sole way of improving their lives is to “trade” bodies. Dewi is experiencing physical and emotional fatigue because she is forced to make choices like this and is passively fulfilling her family responsibility due to the burden of supporting her children and the pressure from poverty. Although many women, in Batam, may have the same experience as

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