B Co 1-12 Cavalry As A Fire Team Leader

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I was assigned to B Co 1-12 Cavalry as a dismounted fire team leader when the 1-12 Cavalry deployed with the rest of 3rd BDE, 1st Cavalry Division in support of Iraqi Freedom in December of 2008. I deployed a few weeks after everyone else due to a death in the family. Once I finally arrived at the coalition outpost (COP) where my company was positioned, I quickly fell in with my platoon as they had already begun their patrolling of our Area of Operations (AO). Our COP was positioned, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere in the Nineveh Province. After a few weeks of patrolling, our platoon was tasked with taking over a COP to the north in the city of Hammam al-Alil, which is about 30 kilometers south of Mosul. We were taking over an area that was, up to that point, the responsibility of a Military Transition Team (MiTT). The COP, COP Scorpion, consisted of a small open area just large enough to park our vehicles, two long rectangular two story buildings that at one time served as a college dormitory, with a small space to the rear of the second building that served as a mechanics bay. Around the complex was a 12-15 feet high stone wall, with one entrance on the COP, with a large metal slab on wheels that was used to secure it. Around the COP was the remains of a college, which had since shut down and was now being used by the Iraqi Army to house a battalion of soldiers. We were an American COP right in the middle of an Iraqi Army complex. While conducting our left…
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