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This activity reinforces the ‘story’ of The Imperial to students, helping them to be more familiar with the key events and the people involved in the case study. What do your students know about? key events: Imperial’s Position slowly deteriorated why? 49-50, All option, Chapter 2.1 Very Important
The Imperial:
1. Roger Williams established Imperial Hotel in 1906 at Mombasa, Kenya.
2. By 1920, the seaside hotel became very famous.
3. The hotel was an attractive 200-room property with a private beach and easy access to Mombasa Airport.
4. The hotel was very reputed and has a positive corporate image.
5. Grandiose (Magnificent) Architecture, high quality service, (elegant Décor) sophisticated designs and style.
6. This hotel was
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2. He travelled to Kenya from Liverpool UK in the 20th Century to open and operate an orphanage near Nairobi.
3. He had a humanitarian motivation.
1. He is an employee in the House Keeping Department in the Imperial under Susan.
2. Susan dismissed him because of long absenteeism.
1. The owner and manager of the famous safari tour company “Kensafar”
2. Option 3:Forming up alliance with the Imperial.

Time Line

1. 1906: Roger Williams established The Imperial Hotel at Mombasa, Kenya.
2. 1920: The Imperial Hotel became very famous. It had a very positive corporate image and well-deserved reputation.
3. 1950: Political Unrest in neighbouring countries of Kenya.
4. 1959:Roger’s son Jeff Williams sold the family properties along with the Imperial Hotel.
5. 1959 to 1989: The Imperial Hotel was bought and sold several times.
6. 1989: Global Properties (GP), an international investment group, set up a subsidiary “Private Limited Company” and purchased the Imperial hotel under it.
7. 2000:Jomo got retired and went to Kenya.
8. 2002: Susan Chapman started working at the Imperial.
9. 2008: Kenya experience post election violence, it was generally safe and stable.
10. 2009: Martin Kimathi was appointed the Manager of the Imperial.
11. Nov. 2013: Tension in the Imperial. One employee of Housekeeping department dismissed. Employees to go on strike in December

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