B. Write an Essay in Which You Analyze and Interpret Polly Clark’s Short Story ‘Reconciliation’.

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Not all marriages have happy endings, not all marriages last forever and moving on can be difficult. That is what the short story Reconciliation, written by Polly Clark, is trying to tell us. The story is written in 1st person because we are able to read what she is thinking and feeling – even when she doesn’t know it: “It’s my first day, I cycled here” etc. It all starts “in medias res”, where the reader is thrown into the events and quickly forced to understand everything that is happening. The fact that it’s the narrator who tells the story gives a very good insight into her world and what she is thinking and that is very important when you have to characterize her. The story takes place in an office and we follow the narrator and…show more content…
Vernon has moved on and Laura is still stuck. And with Laura being positive that Vernon has a new girl, Janny, the numbers show that perfectly. Laura is the single number with no match and Vernon is the one with the match. That is also a reason she really wants to find the specific numbers match: “I want its story. When I know its story I can let it go.” That really shows that Laura can’t move on unless she knows the whole story. Her marriage with Vernon is a big part of the story. As said earlier, they’ve been married for a long time and a lot has changed since they first met. When they first met eachother they talked a lot: “..It was always what was special about me and Vernon, the talks, the chatting.” But now that has changed: “..We regard eachother over months of frozen silence”. It’s very easy to notice that she is afflicted with the silence between Vernon and her. She mentions it with following sentence: “We began our relationship in a bar, and those were our best times, telling each other the truth of our lives in the warm light” and “News and questions bubble up in my throat, but I cannot speak”. This unfortunately is a very common day nowadays. Sometimes people grow apart and it seems to be the case here. Vernon seems to have accepted that while Laura is in a state of sorrow. Vernon seems to be the one who has the most control over himself and his life. He doesn’t seem as affected as her and she notices: “He looks so

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