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1. What are the core business processes (i.e. high level; major business and financial services) performed at Bank of America as part of its product and service offerings? Core Bank of America Business Process: | Activities within the Core Process | people management | * recruiting * performance management * staff development * payroll * benefits administration | financial management | * general ledger * accounts payable * accounts receivable * reporting and compliance * cash management * asset management | Manufacture management | Produce ATMsChecking the quality of machineProducing billsRecycling of destroyed ATM | Marketing management | Selling serviceRecognize customersAdvertising…show more content…
It could help Bank of America set up a primary record per one customer, once they need change information, they only need change one time. b. . For the financial management, the centralized information system could provide the valuable broad marketing information and history. It could help the advisor analysis the financial products and provide valuable investment to the customers. c. . The centralized information system is easy to use, so the Bank of America could train their new employee as soon as possible and let them ready to work. d. add as many bullets as required. 4. What information is generated as part of ATM business processes and how are they employed within the Bank to transact, to manage, and to innovate (i.e. contribute to the Bank’s competitive advantage)? . Transactional Uses of Information | information type: | information use: | Card number | Find out the account information | Pin code | Recognize the personal ID | Account summary | Display the summary to customer | Amount of money received | Update the amount to the account | | | add as many lines as required. | | Management and Control Uses of Information | information type: | information use: | Transaction time | Analysis the customer behavior | Transaction location | Analysis the customer behavior | Distribution of each action | Analysis the customer behavior | Amount of money have

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