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Q. 1 a) In order to grow the business, I have completed a SWOT analysis table, looking at the headings of the HRM, accounting and finance and the marketing departments as all of the findings need to be taken into account when making any business decisions. Below I have shown my swot analysis table. This is used to ensure that I have taken all aspects of the business into account before I analyse where the strengths and weakness of the company lie. SWOT Analysis for SHP. (Second Hand Phones) |Human Resource Management |Accounting and Finance |Marketing | |Strengths | |…show more content…
Recycling is now being encouraged worldwide, therefore that opens up possibilities for other businesses to enter the marketplace which will generate extra competition. From my summary above, I conclude that in my opinion that the most evident part of the business that needs strengthening would be the marketing of the new products as it would seem very little or no market research has been carried out, therefore there is no certainty that recycling other small electrical products will fill any gap in the market if indeed that gap exists. There are still lots of marketing areas worldwide that could be filled with the items the company currently offer. b) Business ethics is an important part of any business, as many new investors and stakeholders look at the ethics of a business before considering buying shares in it. Therefore SHP must meet the ethical expectations of these key stakeholders in order to expand. It is also important to note that ethical considerations impact on communities and the natural environment. As SHP are expanding into the Middle East and their main income is from emerging markets, they need to ensure that their overseas business partners ethical standards are similar to that which they have self imposed on their company. SHP are one of a number of businesses that sit on a Home Office board in the UK to ensure that the recycling of small electrical items is

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