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To: Patricia Lodge From: Sue Gill Contents Part 1(a) Part (b) SWOT analysis Part (c) Part 2 Part 1 (a) I have decided to use section 6 of the study session in book 1. From my research of the Lodge Bistro I have found the following problems within the company. 1) An annual meeting at HQ, instead of regular financial reports and audits. As Patricia has given café managers autonomy to manage their bistro, she computerised the financial report system and audit visits have been minimised. Information management’s purpose is to gather information and based on this information decisions are made. 2) Food and service quality standards are falling as are in particular of the East Chem bistro has been in the bottom 10% with…show more content…
Information management is a conscious process that needs to be planned. Having regular updates of the business is information gathered and this assists in any decision making. This is to be used by the business and is most useful at the starting point of the decision making process. The information gathered should be used at all levels of the business not just at senior management positions. Collection of information is essential to support the major functions and activities of the organisation. To ascertain this it is essential to have regular reports of the organisation and to do this you need regular financial reports and audits. A true vision of the organisation will give any management a better understanding of their situation and will thus help them to make a good viable decision. The second issue was the quality of food and services because the café managers are given autonomy they are free to make decisions about their outlet and how it is run. Thus allowing for each outlet to be individualised and branding of the bistro is jeopardised. When Joyce was in charge she had a strict regime which meant mangers adhered to her rules and regulations. The management may not have been as happy as they are now; they still were given motivation in the form of rewards for the top achievers while under achievers had to change or were sacked. As a company, evolution should be a smooth transition over time and especially with

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