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B120 TMA01 Part 1 Dear Patricia Lodge, In this report, as requested, I hope to help you understand the current situation, of the Lodge Bistro Chain. I believe the issues affecting the business are: staffing problems, growing competition, inconsistency in the approach of management, attracting lower spending customers, disagreement between managers and company standards lowering. Part (a) The staffing issue, more specifically the high staff turnover, is affecting the expenditure of the company due to the constant training which is also impacting upon existing staff due to the pressure and responsibility being put on them. The service will also lack in quality and consistency due to this problem; having both inexperienced and…show more content…
Part (c) I believe in order to solve current problems and prevent them resurfacing in the future, The Lodge Bistro needs to recoup some of its old ways, but still take into consideration some new ideas. For example, the strict and consistent routine implemented in the late 80’s proved itself as a staple for the success of the business. When the company began its decline, too much was changed at once, leaving much confusion amongst employees and customers. As mentioned in the case study, ‘Large restaurant chains had yet to dominate the market, Joyce’s business therefore secured a successful niche based on the distinctiveness of her concept’. I think The Lodge Bistro could market this heavily and reiterate to customers it was the original old-fashioned French bistro, but also keep in touch with current trends at the same time. The issue with lower spending customers and different ranges appealing in different locations need not be a problem, and need not be so inconsistent if a proper marketing scheme was in place. I suggest higher price banding for city locations and lower price banding for outer city branches might help, and maybe a trial and error in every cafe for some new ideas put forward already by managers, like the less packaging scheme, and organic ranges. Part 2 From the TGF discussions I have seen a variety of ideas from the group which broadened my horizons greatly on how

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