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A few years ago I got involved in marketing an expensive brand of vacuum cleaners called Kirby. The product was well designed, of high quality and had many features that were lacking in other leading brands. The marketing strategy used were a combination of selling orientation and product orientation, where the business owners assumed that a sales force would be able to sell the product as long as the right approached was used.

I was trained to effectively demonstrate the features of the product in hope of persuading customers to purchase at the end of the demonstration.

One aspect of the marketing process was to get customers emotionally involved in the demonstration by asking key questions about how he/she feels
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Firstly, the product orientation assumed by some business underlies the concept that as long as a product is of hight quality, it will sell. Little or no consideration is placed on convincing advertising or competitive pricing. Marketers of the Kirby cleaner have clearly adopted the product as well as the selling orientation approach, as the main emphasis during demonstration is to let the product sell itself with some assistance from the marketer.

Demonstrating the features of the product does help towards convincing customers of the value of the machine, however, cost must be considered as an important factor because the majority of customers were unable to purchase since it cost over a thousand pounds.

The marketers of the Kirby vacuum cleaner lean heavily on the selling orientation perspective. Much time and effort were used to train sellers on the right techniques to persuade customers to purchase immediately after the demonstration, even if there was no compelling need to own the product.

Marketing communications as it relates to personal selling is another concept that can be used to analyze the Kirby marketing approach. Schaefer. A (2012) argues that good marketing communications should employ the AIDA approach. This is where marketers stimulate 'awareness', 'interest', 'desire' and 'action' in potential customers.

Since there were no public advertising to introduce or promote the product, the method used to market the Kirby brand

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