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In 1999 Asda became a subsidiary of the largest retailer in the world, Walmart. Asda operates within the UK grocery market and currently rank second. Asda's main area of business falls into the food sector and boast 500+ stores nationwide. Asda is a variety retailer stretched over numerous sectors, which include, entertainment clothing and footwear. It is considered a multi-channel retailer, with a blend of store locations and growing online presence. Asda's stores are traditionally, large purpose built units located on the outskirts of a town, much like Walmart stores in the USA. Similarities continue throughout the UK operation, with the Walmart culture permeating through stores amongst all 143000 'Colleagues'. Furthermore,…show more content…
Other than the initial cost of installing the shutters, additional expenses relating to employee training costs should be considered. Furthermore, political and legal forces could negatively impact customer flow, which may lead to a dip in impulse buys (confectionery) and commission earners (lottery) sales. Both are often located at the kiosk and are add-on purchases to tobacco. Ecological. Environmentalists are keen to highlight links between waste management in businesses, global climate change and weather. Business' who manufacture, distribute and/or use products have been attributing to global warming, all processes expel greenhouse gasses which have major repercussions on the planet. According to waste legislation business' must establish 'a system that ensures waste producers or those handling waste follow the waste hierarchy (i.e. prevention, reuse, recycling, recovery, disposal)' ( Surrey County Council, 2012) This forces business' to consider waste management throughout their infrastructure. Managers would have needed to assess the supply chain and identify areas where improvements can be made. There are likely to be initial expenses for man hours, new equipment and facilities. Very recently Asda has seen the effects of global climate change directly impact their business. Extreme weather has lead to mass flooding in areas in the UK. In these areas trade would certainly diminish while

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