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B2028002 Michelle Jacques TMA1 – Part 1. Intelligence tests, are they a measure of distance rather than a measure of strength? Intelligence is an interesting concept and whilst we understand and can agree that it is what differentiates us from other all the other animals it is almost impossible to agree exactly how to measure it. One of the preferred definitions by Dr Jenny Taylor, a clinical physiologist is that “intelligence is the ability for the organism to adapt itself to the environment in which it finds itself.” This is an extremely broad expression which could be applied to any living thing. The difficulty comes in the very word measurement which implies some form of numerical logic. If we look at known distance measurements one…show more content…
Furthermore, it could be argued that other skills such as the ability to work as part of a team, or the ability to show empathy correspond to more “real life” sources of intelligence that determine a person’s ability to achieve in life. Such cognition is arguably more complex which leads to the suggestion that other sources of variance such as cultural, environmental and other non-cognitive factors effect and shape a person’s ability to understand and evaluate the world. The idea that IQ differences reflect cultural “distance” rather than a cognitive “strength” is simply recognising these factors and implementing contextual testing of a person’s ability through more than one testing basis. B2028002 Michelle Jacques TMA1 – Part 2. This study shows changes in IQ according to the variable of exercise, and observes any difference between the changes for team and individual exercise. It should be noted that the small sample groups, variation in size of sample groups and lack of information on base exercise levels or control of other variables across all groups are limitations of the study. The data also fails to detail any mention of range or outliers which may distort the mean. The study does not aim to detail the effect of exercise on general knowledge. As the general knowledge score does not say whether it was before, after or during the study and provides no comparison, conclusions on

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