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Introduction To Marketing

Assignment 2 (Group Project)

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1. Chiu Chun Hin 11097806
2. Ng Yuen Kei 11110570
3. Louie Wai Hang 11053188
4. Li Ka Man 11081950

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Ms Crystal Chan

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1. Introduction P. 3

2. Product Strategies P.4 –P.6

3. Pricing Strategies P.7-P.10

4. Coordination of the strategies P.11-P.12

5. Action plan
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The new products will modify the ingredients consisted in the snacks into more healthy snacks. Kee Wah will put less sugar and use other health oil to replace tallow. This low sugar and low fat modified products would contain 10 pieces per package. Hopefully these new product can help Kee Wah Bakery to establish an innovative and fashionable image to the young customers.

In addition, people also concern on the convenience of eating the snacks, a new idea about the size of snacks has come up. Some Chinese snacks are relatively large in size, it cause some inconvenience to the customer and it is easily make the clothes dirty. A bite size can solve this problem. The size of cookies and egg rolls should be about coin size and finger size so that consumers can finish one mini pastry in one to two bites. Fragments of snacks fall out would be reduced and leave less mess to clean up. Based on this bite size, 20 pieces per package is recommended. Therefore, this new favors and package can attract the teenagers and health-oriented customers.

1.3. New Product line strategy-Lunar New Year Gift Set
Apart from healthy eating, most of the customers are concerning the environment protection. They will put more focus on the quality of life, so they also prefer green lifestyle. Wastage of over packed moon cakes has raise up customers’ awareness and now they are seeking for a green new year. A new product line on the Lunar New Year products will be added. This new products
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