B2B And B2C Marketing Strategies Essay

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Marketing is an integral part of any business operation, regardless of platform or environment (brick and mortar versus virtual); type of product sold or service rendered and target market. With the advent of Internet technology, new business models or sites such as business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C), have emerged which require the employment of different marketing strategies and tools to attract and retain customers. The following sections will provide a comparison of the marketing strategies employed and tools utilized by B2B and B2C e-business sites. Business owners, members of the management team and key decision-makers are primarily the target for B2B marketing programs. According to Management Centre …show more content…
However, the marketing approach and tools used to reach out to the general public (consumers) and business customers are very different. Steve Minnett stated in his book B2B Marketing (2001) that one of the major differences between B2B and B2C sites is that the latter is determined or influenced by fashion or trend while B2B, is driven by technological progress. Furthermore, B2B is driven primarily by need and not want. The marketing approach taken by B2B sites involve the use of offline methods such as tradeshows and advertising to emphasize how B2B companies can increase profitability for the clients by improving efficiency and reducing costs. Organizations emphasize this using the supply chain as the focus of the marketing material or program. Businesses can immensely improve its profitability by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its supply chain. B2C sites also utilize the same offline methods in addition to online methods such as mass email, banner ads and pop-up ads. However, personal benefit or satisfaction is the main message. According to MarketingProf, LLC's website, customers for B2C sites tend to complete transaction faster than B2B sites. The site further added that B2B customers tend to investigate more on the products/services before initiating and completing the transaction. This investigation usually takes a longer period of time as information may have to go through certain
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