B2B Case 2

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MKT 3416: Business to Business Marketing
Case: “Oce Technologies & Croon Elektrotechniek”

1. List the points of parity, difference and contention between XES 870 DDS and the Oce 950. (No need for details, only points required)
Points of Parity: * Equipped with control, copier, folder and a scanner. This allows legacy blueprints to be input and saved as digital files. * Hold 100 folded-sheets of paper with the available option of purchasing up to 9 additional stacker trays at a rate of €30 per tray. Both had a maximum capacity of 1000 folded-sheets. * Reduce amount of time draftsmen and operators spend on document production jobs and eliminate the need for an accountant to examine and summarize repro tickets each day.
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Taking annual cost savings over a 5-year period into account, and assuming the discount rate to be 10%, the NPV value = €1,237.43. This shows that Oce 950 is superior to XES 870 DDS as it generates more cost savings despites its higher price. 3. Outline the 5 key points that Bart Van Asch should highlight in his pitch presentation.
Point 1: Highlight its overnight capability – Oce’s 5-paper roll enables Croon to meet its overnight requirements while changing the number of rolls less frequently. This allows Croon to meet the demands of their largest and most profitable customers, remove stress on their employees, and provide cost savings (paper jam costs and roll change costs).
Point 2: Highlight its ease of use – Oce 950 facilitates ease of use by using a PC and running on a Windows-based. Employees will not need to spend time learning an entirely new system. In the event of a jam, its user-friendly design enables untrained users to correct the problem and quickly return the machine to operations. The numerous International awards given to Oce 950 support this.
Point 3: Highlight its ozone emission – Currently, Croon does not meet ARBO’s standards and complains have been made. Bart should address that Oce can guarantee a solution to this problem, which if left unattended could cost Croon
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