B2B vs.B2C Marketing Differences

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B2B vs. B2C Marketing
Marketing differs between business to business and business to consumer in a few different ways the main one is the emotional experience of the buyer. The marketing programs are the same, which includes: events, direct marketing, internet marketing, advertising, public relations, word of mouth and alliance. The difference is how each marketing program is executed, what is said in the program, and the outcome.
Business to Business or B2B marketing and Business to Consumer or B2C marketing follow different rules but the outcome is still to sell the product or service to who needs or wants the item. Below is a listing of how the marketing needs to think to market to the target group they are after.
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Sabre has the Sabre Travel Network and Sabre Air Solutions both business sites, and then there is Travelocity a consumer site. At saber.com there is very little on the website, a paragraph describing work done by the company, stats about the company, a link to corporate and then three links to the three websites that sell the products. At Travelocity the consumer site sells travel, airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises, and special packages. The website is loaded with graphics, and links within the site. The work is done by the consumer and transactions are quick (point, click, decision, credit card, email confirming). On the Sabre Travel Network a B2B site, businesses using the site are suppliers, corporations, government and travel agencies. The website has a table of contents link, promotions currently in use, and a career link. For Sabre Airline Solutions there are comprehensive solutions to optimize operations and reduce costs for airlines, airports, and government agencies. The web page is almost the same as the Travel Network website. The business websites for Sabre are very plain with little graphics. Marketing to either business or consumer is a challenge by following what needs to be accomplished will depend on how you market the product or service. Graphics, table of contents, company information and links are all determined by who the buyer is. Promotions, duration of those

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