B2C and B2B Marketing Comparison

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B2C and B2B Marketing Comparison Marketing ultimately depends on who you are delivering your message to. With Business to Business (B2B), an organization has to know the businesses needs, its current situation, competitors, trends, technology and costs. Business to Commerce (B2C) is also about knowing who you 're selling to. You have to know their wants and needs, your competition, distribution, supply chains and costs. Often, B2B sites are more informational and technical. There is less branding, or at least a different kind. It is not so much an emotional connection as an intellectual connection. B2C sites are more entertainment. They often change with promotions and products, and are made simpler for ease of navigation for the common…show more content…
For example, a vice president of manufacturing does not clip a coupon and order a $45,000 machine by mail. He would first ask the selling organization for an informative brochure. Then a sales meeting would occur if the buying organization is slightly interested. Then a demonstration would be the beginning of a 30-day trial period for the buying organization. If the buyer is satisfied then a proposal or contract would be conjured up. Therefore, it is not a single piece of advertisement that wins a pricey contract. It takes a series of letters, brochures, presentations, ads, and mailers combined with the efforts of sales associates to find a steady paying customer that will contribute to organizational longevity. When considering to buy personal hygiene items or groceries, now one consults with a team on the purchase. In almost all B2C selling situations, the purchase decision is made by an individual. But a business purchase is usually a team effort with many experts involved. Because of this reason, a business purchase is hardly an impulse buy. There are many influences involved with the decision such as the purchasing agent and company president, to technical professionals and customers. Each of these reviewers has different concerns and criteria by which they judge the product or service. In order to make a successful purchase, all of the reviewer 's standards must be met. Overall, in order to succeed, business owners must attract and retain a growing base of

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