B2C and B2B Web Site Supply Chain Difference

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B2C and B2B Web Site Supply Chain Differences
Ah, the wonders that technology has wrought in the world of business. Or should it be phrased: ah, the wonders that business has called forth from the world of technology? Whether it is the chicken or the egg, many changes have developed and with the advancements in what is now called e-business, businesses and consumers have benefited.
Though e-businesses vary in scope and methods, they can be categorized basically as business-to-consumer (B2C) or a business-to-business (B2B). A B2B model involves transactions between one business and another business. A B2C model involves transactions between a business and individual consumers. The term B2C could be applied to any business or
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These networks are more flexible and respond to economic fluctuations with more speed and ease than hierarchically (top-down) structured businesses.
The ultimate goal of supply chain management is to achieve a higher-quality or lower-cost product at the end of the chain. This requires building long-term relationships with a small number of very capable suppliers, who in turn have their own relationships with suppliers.
The current standard is for e-businesses to invest in one of several new information systems, capable of increasing efficiency in the production line by controlling the logistics in every element of its supply chain. Two such IT systems are EDI and VAN. Schneider gives an example of Boeing 's success implementing EDI:
Using EDI and Internet links, Boeing is working with suppliers so that they can provide exactly the right part or assembly at exactly the right time. By its second year of using these new systems, Boeing had cut in half the time needed to complete individual assembly processes. It has realized similar reductions in part defect costs. The combined effects of these increased efficiencies are helping Boeing do a much better job of meeting its customers ' needs. Instead of waiting 36 months for delivery, customers can now have their new airplanes in 10 to 12 months. (Schneider, 2004, p. 230)

The primary benefit that arises from such increased

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