B2b And B2b Business Activities

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Business to Consumer or B2C, electronic business activities that focus on retail transactions. An example of a B2C company would be Starbucks. Business to Business or B2B, companies doing direct business with each other instead of having consumers involved. A great example of a B2B company would be the Intel Corporation. The Intel Corporation is an American Global technology company, whom headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California. The overall marketing goal for both B2B and B2C companies is the same, increase the profit margin, but the marketing strategies of the two types of companies will differ based on their company’s needs. Both B2C companies and B2B companies have similar qualities when it comes to their marketing plan. Both types of companies believe in having a strong brand and having a strong positive image of their companies. However, the companies will differ when it comes to the reasons why they feel that having a strong brand will be important to the company. The B2C companies need to have a strong brand in order to maintain and grow the amount of consumers and costumers they have by matching the brand of their known products. Individual consumers can become attached to a certain company solely based on their brand. When it comes to B2B companies having a strong brand will only help other companies consider rather or not to make the purchase from Intel but the ultimate decision comes down to many other business factors including how Intel will look

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