B2b E Marketplace Is An Internet Based Platform

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A B2B e-marketplace is an Internet based platform that enables corporations of any size to exchange goods, services, and information in an efficient way than was previously not possible. In the current traditional supplier environment, each supplier carries a catalog of building materials, which is basically information about the many different types of building materials held for distribution or availability of supply. The catalog strictly provides information regarding the specification of the materials, diagrams, and manufacturer data. In addition, some vendors have multiple stores in various locations throughout the country of which some will hold more of certain building materials depending on the demand. In addition to the building material catalog, vendors have information relating to product pricing, location, and quantity. This additional detail is held outside of the catalog and can be in in electronic or hard copy form. A contractor that requires pricing of building material will traditionally accomplish this via telephone or fax providing a description of the product to the vendor, whom in turn, will reference the catalog for a match in specifications along with current pricing, availability, location, and quantity. All this information is provided to the contractor, whom will then make a purchase decision. Should the contractor want to shop for competitive pricing, they will have to repeat this process with each different competing vendor. This is very

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