BADM 590 Spring 2015 Schedule

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University of Illinois, College of Business Administration
BADM 590: Operations Strategy
Schedule of Classes and Assignments for Spring 2015

CLAS #1:
No assigned readings or case discussions. This class is reserved for introductions, familiarization with the syllabus and course policies, and a review of concepts from the core strategy and process management classes.

Case Questions:
1. Which characteristics of McDonald's production system have been most important in building its record of success and growth?
2. What are the primary new challenges McDonald's faces in the 1990s?
3. How would you adapt the system to accommodate these changes in the U.S.?
4. How can McDonalds lay the basis for future growth?
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How do these figures change if the time required to prepare a patient in the operating room increases from 30 to 45 minutes?
For all calculations, assume that: (1) Booth only performs unilateral procedures, (2) the first patient cannot enter the operating room until 7:00 AM, and (3) the entire procedure for the final patient must be complete by 12:00 PM. Also, note that an operating room is considered non-idle when it is either occupied by a patient or being cleaned between procedures.
1. Kasra Ferdows, Michael A. Lewis, and Jose A.D. Machuca, “Rapid-Fire Rulfillment”, Harvard Business Review, Vol. 82, November 2004 (p. 104-110).
2. Charles Corbett and Luk Van Wassenhove, “Trade-Offs? What Trade-Offs? Competence and Competitiveness in Manufacturing Strategy”, California Management Review, Vol. 35(2), Summer 1993 (p. 107-122)).

No formal class or assigned cases. This day is reserved for team meetings and brainstorming about the projects. Each team should pick a technology to look analyze terms of how it is likely to affect a particular industry. Alternatively, the team might develop an entrepreneurial idea based on a new technology.
The following reading provides a good background for thinking about how new technologies might change organizations and ways in which things get done, so it is helpful to go over before the teams meet:

Case Questions:
1. Compare the JetBlue's operations strategy
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