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In 2004 the government of India banned tobacco companies from advertising their products and sponsoring sports and cultural events. The objective was to discourage adolescents from consuming tobacco products as well as empower the government with the power to launch an anti tobacco program. . This issue created a serious problem in that it was both ethical and commercial, the government on one hand, believe it was its responsibility to protect the welfare of its citizen, while the tobacco industry was a major contributor to the state funds.
Objectivity and fairness are the basis of ethical decision making and argument for the ban of tobacco should have been objective. Objectivity is impossible
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The government had the right to intervene in the overall interest of the citizen. Tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship target non smokers and youth where regulations are weak and knowledge of danger of tobacco is limited so the need to ban it. Industry sponsored youth programs are created to improve tobacco industry, public image and discourages further tobacco control legislation and not to reduce uptake of tobacco
Argument against the ban of Tobacco
Unwanted intrusion by the state in the private lives of the citizen. Ban of advertisement is not a solution to discouraging smokers from smoking and the ban was unjustified as advertisement did not promote smoking and the ban was not the right solution. The ban is denying tobacco industry a fair level playing field. Tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship are only targeted to adult smokers and not youth and as such Tobacco companies do not promote selling to minors, in contrast they educate retailers about not selling to minors, and they educate youth about the harms of smoking by carrying out events and sponsorship for school base non smoking programs. Advertising is just for encouraging tobacco brand loyalty, inform about available products and entice current smokers to switch brands, but not to encourage people to start smoking. Advertisement is meant to provide consumers with information about which brands are available so they can make informed
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