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High Data Rate Wireless Communications for Brain-Computer Interfaces Overview: To achieve full success in experiments on brain plasticity, bi-directional brain computer interfaces (BBCIs) must deliver activity-dependent stimulation for extended periods of time in unconstrained environments [1]. BBCIs are neuroprosthetics used for fundamental research in neurophysiology and neural rehabilitation. The ability to stimulate the brain in response to single neuron action potentials have allowed for high-fidelity control of prosthetic limbs [2], [3], and such devices have been shown to restore communication lines lost by disease or injury [4]. BBCIs are currently limited by high power consumption and low data rates [5]: typical BBCI…show more content…
Backscatter communication operates by modulating and reflecting electromagnetic energy to a receiver; the system is small and ultra-low power because it no longer needs the relatively large and power hungry local oscillator or power amplifier, although there is additional challenge of increased signal attenuation. This currently makes operation in a high-multipath channels (such as animal cages and hospital rooms) challenging. Preliminary Results: Working with Prof. Reynolds and the Fetz Lab, I have collaborated with two graduate students to develop an initial backscatter system for the NeuroChip3. We have successfully integrated with the NC3 and demonstrated wireless backscatter communication at 5 Mbps with 16 channels at 5 kHz sampling rates and 20 Mbps with a wired link. Initial VNA tests of modified planar antennas in a mock animal cage have also shown achievable bandwidths up to 20 MHz, although there is currently a high variance. Research Objectives: My research will investigate the following questions to provide quantifiable improvements on backscatter communications for the Neurochip3 and other BBCIs: O1) Develop, test, and quantify performance of data coding methods to improve signal-to-noise ratio of backscatter communication systems in strong multipath and Doppler environments. Data coding has been shown to improve the performance of backscatter systems with a low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for

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