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UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN Bachelor of Business Studies (Singapore) Marketing Management (MK2002S) STUDY GUIDE BBS22 FT Singapore Copyright December 2014 1 Author: Dr Ajit K Prasad This manual was prepared for University College Dublin as a comprehensive support for students completing the above mentioned Degree programme. © This publication may not be reproduced, in whole or in part without permission from University College Dublin. Module Coordinator: Dr Ajit K Prasad Email: 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE WELCOME MESSAGE 4 1. INTRODUCTION 5 a. Background details b. Module aims c. Programme goals 2. MODULE OUTLINE 8 a. Module learning outcomes b. Themes and topics c. Learning materials 3. MODULE…show more content…
The assessments in the form or written assignments and examination will cover the entire holistic perspective of marketing management. 6 Programme Goals Bachelor of Science Singapore (BHBUS015) Programme Goals Programme Goal Learning Outcome Management specific knowledge Explain current theory/practice Apply business models Module Title: MM X (Assignment 1 Essay) X (Assignment 2 Essay) Knowledge of qualitative and quantitative techniques Business Communication Short business presentation (written / oral) Research / analyse business case/problems & report X (Assignment 1 Essay) Locate Information sources to facilitate research Personal development / reflective learning Module related team activities Global / multicultural / diversity perspectives Identify factors & variables which impact on MNEs & firms operations Explain Essence of OB to business managers Recognize ethical and social responsibility issues X (Assignment 2 Essay) X (Exam – essay question) Examine ethical implications on stakeholders Strategic thinking Identify Business opportunities & complete analysis & resolution X (Exam – essay question) Evaluate quantitative & qualitative data from differing perspectives Analyse Developments in key business sectors 7 PART 2: MODULE OUTLINE Module Title: Marketing Management Module Code: MKT2002S No. of ECTS: 10 Module Learning Outcomes On

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