BCA Application on Being a Doctor

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Being a doctor is in my family blood. Before my mother immigrated to the US, she was a gynecologist in China. I could tell from her vivid talking and the gleam in her eyes that there is nothing more precious than the joy of watching a new baby being brought into the world. She would always talk about how much she missed the time spent at the hospital. Every day, she would work for more than twelve hours, but all her tiredness would be forgotten once she heard the first cry of a baby. It was as if being the doctor made all the stress disappear into her eyes, and all the happiness would wash over her face. My grandma did not receive any college education due to the culture revolution of China at that time. However, she was hard-working, and she was self-taught to become an expert in alternative medicine. During her first trip to the US, she instantly became popular in our local Senior Center. All the elderly going there loved her Chinese massage. When I was a little kid, visiting the hospital was not unusual for me because I was always sick. I frequently noticed that the waiting lines at the hospital were very long. I often had to wait hours before I could receive any treatment. Seeing myself and all of the other patients suffering in the waiting queue, I asked myself, why could not I become a doctor and help myself and all those in need? Since then, becoming a doctor is part of my dream. Around the age of ten, I discovered the Bergen County Academies through many references

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