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Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix analysis is a method to analyze through the market share position and industry growth rate of a business. The relative market share position means the ratio of a division’s own market share in a particular industry to the market share by the largest rival firm in the particular industry itself. In travel agency industry, we had found many travel agents that provide more similarity service as well as full package of ticketing o the consumer. Therefore, the marketers sometime need to use a portfolio analysis to analyze the market share position and rate the industry growth by using BCG or General Electric (GE). There are four categories in Boston Consulting Group Analysis: a. Question Marks- Question marks also can be known as problem child or wildcats which mean the business is in low…show more content…
Star- Stars in BCG means a high relative market share and high industry growth rate in the market. It can consider as the best long-run opportunities for growth and profitability for its company and bring benefits to the industry as well. In the future, when the market growth is slowing down, the Stars can become Cash Cow. Trivago: Trivago is the online travel and online agency based in Germany. It is founded on 2005 by the parent company Expedia with 758 employees. The Trivago website has totally received around 45 million users for each month from 47 international platforms such as Expedia, and etc. The other platform such as United Kingdom and Spain were launched in 2006 and 2007 and it is continue to expand in other country for a year later. In December 2014, it has also added on the service from hotel booking to trip itinerary. c. Cash Cows- It is a high relative market share but it is complete in low-growth industry. The cash has generally excess of their needs and it has already reached a matured product in product lifecycle. The cash cows usually bring in money more than needed to maintain their market

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