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Quiz # 2 on lectures 3, 4, and including Chapter 2
1. Difference occurs in the sequence of long chain molecules and becomes information in biological organisms. ‘Life’ assembles itself into chains:
(A) of RNA
(B) all of the answers are correct
(C) of DNA
(D) of protein
(E) none of these answers are correct
2. Which of the following foods is not a significant source of complex carbohydrates?
(A) fresh fruit
(B) rice
(C) pasta
(D) oatmeal
(E) all of the above are significant sources of complex carbohydrates
3. The order that best represents size from the smallest to the largest biological entities is:
(A) all answers are correct
(B) Ribosomes-Mitochondria-Nuclei-Cells-Tissues
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Which of the following is not a characteristic of all living organisms?
(A) capable of genetic information (RNA and/or DNA) replication
(B) has either DNA or RNA as an information basis
(C) complex yet organized
(D) chemical energy storage and utilization
(E) relies only on non-organic material 15. Which in the following list includes all others in the list?
(A) polysaccharide
(B) carbohydrate
(C) monosaccharide
(D) disaccharide
(E) carbon
16. A polar molecule:
(A) is slightly negative at one end and slightly positive at the other end
(B) has an extra electron, giving it a positive charge
(C) has an extra electron giving it a negative charge
(D) has covalent bonds
(E) is comprised of a single atom
17. Proteins are an essential component of a healthy diet for humans (and other animals). Their most common purpose is to serve as:
(A) raw material for growth
(B) fuel for running the body
(C) organic precursors for enzyme construction
(D) long-term energy storage
(E) inorganic precursors for enzyme construction
18. When asked by a reporter what they had discovered, Francis Crick famously replied:
(A) The New World
(B) The Higgs Boson
(C) The Secret of Life
(D) Silly Putty
(E) A New Planet with Life
19. The Flow
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