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Over the past two years of teaching, I have integrated the classroom behavioral management approaches of humanist tradition, applied behavior analysis, and classroom management tradition in my classroom. Each approach provided a unique benefit and definitely aided in the success of my classroom instruction. Even though I did not realize at that time the “terms” of these varying approaches, I inadvertently was implementing them. I realize now how they assisted in my effective classroom management plan. One of my strengths as a teacher is my ability to relate and communicate with my students. When looking at the humanist approach to classroom management, it focuses on the inner thoughts, feelings, psychological needs, and emotions …show more content…
(2) As B.F. Skinner stated, “The way positive reinforcement is carried out is more important than the amount”. (3) Through the use of positive reinforcement over negative punishment, I try to teach a new behavior and/or make an existing behavior occur more frequently and thus utilized applied behavior analysis. (4) To improve classroom behavior, I would site someone doing a positive behavior, “I am so happy to see that Alain on task –he is at his desk reading silently – just as instructed. Thank you Alain”. The other students scurry to get their books out and hope to gain the same recognition. I also prepare students for transitions between classes so it goes smoothly and comment on student responding in an encouraging manner. I provide perks or reinforcement, such as extra time to do homework, homework passes, lunch with the teacher, or access to computers, when a positive behavior is exhibited. I would do this intermittently so the students would behave appropriately all the time and not fall into doing this JUST to obtain the prize. When looking at the times I used applied behavior analysis and humanist tradition, both were implemented primarily to react rather than prevent. Although these approaches were used few and far between, I knew that I needed to prepare in terms of prevention. I needed to focus on planning and organizing the classroom, teaching rules and
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