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The legacy leader I have chosen to write about is Brigadier General (BG) Richard T. Ellis (Deceased). BG Ellis was a true influential leader in the United States (U.S.) Army and intelligence community. This paper will discuss how BG Ellis showed leadership attributes and competencies covered in Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) 6-22 and Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 6-22. It will also discuss how he influenced leaders and changes in the intelligence community. Finally it will cover how his actions influenced me in my military career. BG Ellis’s major leader attribute was intellect. When he took command of the 650th Military Intelligence (MI) Group, he noticed there was a trust issue between the partner nations of the North…show more content…
He consistently strove to improve the intelligence community. He analyzed problems and found ways to solve them. He was mission oriented, which is something I hold with utmost importance. His ability to convince his superiors of his multinational solution for the 650th MI Group in NATO reminds me that with determination and persistence many things are possible. His commitment to achieve and get results; makes me strive to always reach mission accomplishment. His work ethic and positive attitude, which drove the high performance of his subordinates is also what drives mine. This is also something I try to instill in the junior counterintelligence agents I instruct at the Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Academy. Also, his intellect and innovation to solve problems in the intelligence community has been very inspirational to me. I continuously try to come up with unique ideas for operations and solutions to problems within the counterintelligence community. I also try to instill critical thinking and creativity in my students, hoping they one day come up with an amazing intelligence collection method, find a spectacular way of solving an espionage investigation, or solving a problem within the intelligence community. In conclusion, BG Ellis is a leader of influence and has left behind a legacy, which is still talked about today. He not…show more content…
A major goal I always strive for is the acquisition of enemy technology and weapons. Then having the technology or weapon analyzed and used to develop countermeasures or techniques, which will save U.S. Forces lives. Realizing I am not currently in an operational unit to accomplish this, I look at other issues in my career field. One of the issues I have noticed in my career path is the negative connotation towards counterintelligence agents. This exists for several reasons, lazy agents, inexperienced agents, or lack of knowledge of commanders. My goal is teach to younger agents there is always something they can be doing some kind of counterintelligence related work anywhere they are stationed. Also, confronting the lazy agents and either convincing them it is in their best interest to work or get out of the military occupational specialty and make room for agents who actually want to do the job. There needs to be an organizational change throughout counterintelligence to change how the intelligence discipline is seen by the rest of the operating

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