BHP Billiton's Global Success

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BHP Billiton is a global leader in mining and resource companies with around 100,000 employees in over 25 countries worldwide.BHP was founded in 1885 as the broken hill proprietary company having three main operations such as minerals, petroleum and steel. In case of minerals and petroleum market it includes the production of iron ore, copper, nickel, silver, diamonds, oil and gas and other natural resource. It also produces other services like transport and logistics, corporate services, strategy and legal.
In The Hague,Netherlands Billiton PLC was formulated in 1860 where it started its first extraction. Earlier focus of this company was on tin mining in Indonesia on the Island of Billiton. Then in 1997 it will joins the membership
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• Now BHP offers extensive ways of services for customers.
• It leads the company for internationalization and diversification; it would give great opportunities to the employees to do world all around the world.
• Due to the effect of portfolios, it reduces the reliance on the exchange trade commodities.
With the new form of BHP Billiton, it gives more complete solutions and also provides a wide range of services to customers. BHP Billiton is the third largest copper producer in the world, third largest producer of aluminium in western world and the third largest producer of iron ore in the world and the largest to be producer in the world export steam coal and hark cooking coal. BHP also expertise in bio-processing technology for the processing of metal Bio Cop, a technology that can bring a better cope with the process of the existing copper smelting.
Along with all, it has sales and marketing groups that are located in Singapore, the US and Belgium. Recently BHP attains its great developments:
• Subzero secures $5.9 contracts to upgrade water networks at Mt. Arthur Coal Mine in New south Wales on April 22, 2013.
• At Cristal copper project in Northern Chile BHP gives updates on Drilling Program by Condor Resources.
• On the date of April 17, 2013 it provides updates to new operations.

BHP Billiton has a very big
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