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1. The reality of today's BI is as follows, Pick two valid answers Mark for Review (1) Points (Choose all correct answers) BI is standardized across the organization BI is pervasive among all the companies Multiple Complex BI tools (*) BI is inflexible and slow (*) Incorrect Incorrect! BI is Inflexible and Slow & Multiple Complex BI tools 2. What percentage of organizations will have considered moving their BI solutions to the cloud? Mark for Review (1) Points 1% 64% 12% 46% (*) Incorrect Incorrect! It is 46% 3. Why is Cloud disruptive to IT ? Mark for Review (1) Points (Choose all correct answers)…show more content…
Mark for Review (1) Points Faster implementation Lowering operational expense Limited infrastructure overhead Lower short term total cost of ownership (TOC) Security and compliance concerns (*) Incorrect Incorrect! Security and compliance concerns 12. Which of the following statements is true regarding Oracle's Cloud implementation architecture? Mark for Review (1) Points Oracle Cloud components are not built on any common services infrastructure. BICS extends the feature set and functionality of on-premise Business Analytics to the Cloud (*) There are only two Oracle Cloud components built on a common infrastructure. Oracle Cloud components such as SOA and Infrastructure are common services built on a single platform. There is only a single Oracle Cloud component built on a single common infrastructure. Incorrect Incorrect! BICS extends the feature set and functionality of on-premise Business Analytics to the Cloud 13. Which of the following defines the "managed" deployment choice for customers implementing on Oracle's Cloud solutions? Mark for Review (1) Points Customer neither owns nor operates This is the same as subscription model Customer owns and operates the solution and technology Customer owns the solution and Oracle operates the technology
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