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Big Five Personality Inventory The Big Five Test is a compilation of 70 questioned geared towards “measuring how accurate or inaccurate the statements pertain to you.”(Wentz) This test is considered to be an objective test measuring certain traits of the individual taking it rather than states. Traits differ from states in the sense that traits are life-long characteristics; meanwhile states are temporary characteristics of an individual. This test was designed to measure the Big Five personality traits, including: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness. When you are listed as being in the higher percentiles for each of these categories, then you…show more content…
I view myself as an agreeable person who is caring and sympathetic towards others. In addition, I put others feeling and well-being in front of mine to insure their happiness. The third category on the personality report is conscientiousness. Conscientiousness is defined as a “state of being thorough, careful, or vigilant; it implies a desire to do a task well.”(report) People high on the conscientiousness scale are hard workers and seen to be reliable. Me being a perfectionist and always planning ahead of time for everything in my life; I was placed in the 92nd percentile. I have a routine I follow every day along with a well-organized work area and planner. When I am notified of anything required to be done I will insert it into my planner on a certain date with a time and place for it to be accomplished. While being conscientious is great and helps me out greatly it also hampers my life. I can be viewed as a “compulsive perfectionist”(report) when it comes to certain things. Additionally, I work two jobs and volunteer on campus giving me the label of a “workaholic”. Emotional stability is the fourth trait of the Big Five personality traits.” Low scores of emotional stability mean that the individual is highly reactive in situations, which would not affect most people.” On the other hand, high scores show that a person is more stable, do not get upset as easily, and is relatively calm. I was not
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