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Bill Proposal
Nur 550
April 4th, 2011
Bill Proposal
To Senator Carolyn Allen,

A Bill for An Act Entitled: Improved Continuity of Care Law for People with Co-occurring disorders In the Arizonan House of Representative

A severe mental illness (SMI) is an assembly of mainly psychotic conditions that are, by description, extensive and related to compromised societal functioning. As stated by the surgeon general’s report of 2010, one out of five adults, or nearly 40 million Americans, suffer from some type of psychological disorder annually. In addition, about five percent of the U.S population suffers from chronic mental disorder for instance, bipolar, major depressive disorders, schizophrenia and
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Combination of health and migrant laws amendments in the state.Health and migration laws have been long standing in us politics,its an ongoing process and batlle.
TheUnited States is in the midst of a heated debate on immigration policy, and a renewed debate on health care reformhas also begun in anticipation of the 2008 presidential election. Both of these debates present an important opportunity to
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