BIM Advantages And Disadvantages In Malaysia

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4.3.5 BIM Benefits to Developer

Table 4.4:
Respondent/Company Quotes
R1/A “BIM can reduce time consuming errors and rework, accessible from virtually anywhere at any time by all projects stockholders and actionable to help informed you decision making with simulation and analysis by means better communication flow. It can improve the accuracy of a design. So, in other words, it can improve the visualisation. It can track and monitor the progress.”
R2/B “By using BIM, of course is improve the design and a project can be easily monitored and tracking the progress schedule. It could also maximise the resources while minimising errors. It can be used to countercheck whether the building is designed according to standards.”
R3/C “BIM gives us
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There are many more benefits of BIM, which have yet to be identified by Malaysian developers.

4.3.6 Usage Rate of BIM among Developers in Malaysia

BIM had been introduced in Malaysia since 2007. There are many pioneer projects undertaken to show the benefit of using BIM. Table 4.12 shows the respondent’s opinion on the usage rate of BIM among developers in Malaysia.

Table 4.12:
Respondent Quotes
R1 “The numbers of projects using BIM in Malaysia is really very low. However the awareness of BIM is growing.”
R2 “Our company is one of the pioneer, and in Malaysia, the usage rate of BIM is low. Many do not understand on what BIM actually is.”
R3 “The usage of BIM is still very low. Even when some companies said that they uses BIM, but in reality, they are not using BIM.”

All three respondents agreed that the usage of BIM in Malaysian Construction Industry is low. This is because the understanding of BIM in developers are still low. Many companies only defined BIM as a 3D model. Their concept of BIM only stops at the design stage. Even though, CIDB had made many initiatives to promote BIM, developers are still reluctant to implement

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