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Question 1: A The incubation period for chicken pox is 2-3 weeks (Bishop,P et al. 2010), this is the contagious time before the signs and symptoms start showing, which means the nurse’s daughter, was past the infectious period of the disease. The nurse’s daughter could have had the virus for over a week, and exposed her mother to it during this time. If the nurse developed symptoms a few days after getting Varicella Zoster Immunoglobin, she had already contracted the virus before immuniglobin injection had been administered, thus not able to prevent chickenpox in this case. Question 1: B Pregnant woman are at high risk of severe disease/complications if they do not have immunity to chickenpox (Department of Health – Victoria, 2007). If…show more content…
The scratching of the bites caused transmission of the organism to close other bites or broken skin which caused the Impetigo to spread. It is most likely that he picked up the microorganism from attending preschool for the first time, as there was a large range of new microorganisms causing Timothy to be a susceptible host. Question 2: D Impetigo is extremely contagious, and can easily spread to another person if the fluid from the blisters comes in contact with an open area on their skin (PubMed Health. 2010). In Timothy’s preschool it could be spread from some of the fluid getting on toys, furniture or even hands, and then coming into contact with another child. Children like Timothy are more at risk of developing impetigo, especially if their skin has already been injured y cuts or abrasions, irritated or by having skin problems like eczema (Department of Health – Victoria, 2007). Question 2: E Preventing the spread of the infection within the preschool should be their top priority, and they should be monitoring children who look as if they have any contagious rashes or sores. Any washcloths used to wash a child who has any type of lesion on their skin should not be used on any other children, and a new washcloth should be used each time skin is cleaned (PubMed Health 2010). Preschool staff should be mindful of doing routine surface cleaning/decontamination of tables and toys with disinfectant should be done on a daily basis due to risk of

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