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BIOMETRICS IMPLEMENTATION IN COMPUTER SECURITY There must be some solid personal recognition schemes for a wide variety of system either to determine or conform the identity of the people who do services. The purpose is that to ensure the provided services are accessed only by the user and no other people can do so. Some of the examples of such process includes secure access to computers, laptops, buildings, security places etc. In absence of these schemes these systems are vulnerable to misuse. Therefore biometrics is introduced which refers to a secured access of an individual by automatic recognition based upon their behavioral and physiological characteristics. Using Biometrics we can conform an individual’s identity…show more content…
But, it is now being used in establishing the personal recognition in many civilian applications. Many organizations are using Biometric identities to access in the institutions for a secured environment. A Biometric system is nothing but a typical recognition system which uses the biological features and is operated by acquiring some biological features from the users and it compares these features against a template set in its database. Depending on the user requirements it operates either in identification or verification. In verification mode it uses the captured biometric data with the already existing data and provide the access, where as in identification mode the system will recognize an individual by comparing it with all the available user templates in the database. It's hardly astonishing that biometrics is such a delicate subject; nothing is more particular than the things that make you, you. While the potential comfort and security points of interest biometrics can offer in everyday circumstances are self-evident (simply envision a world without keys and cards to begin), they run as one with worries about issues of privacy. In the same way that a key needs a lock, most biometric results depend on a database to make them work; this database will hold the biometric signature of each and every individuals who are authorized to take part. As long as the main information held identifies with biometric estimations, security issues
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