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Name: Denise Baker – D40279521
Course Section: BIOS-275-18295 Pharmacol & Medical Treatment

BIOS 275 WEEK ONE HOMEWORK (20 points)

ALL answers are to be TYPED IN BLACK

1. Describe the three medical uses for drugs and give examples. (2 points)
The three medical uses for drugs are: used to prevent disease, to diagnose disease, and to treat symptoms, signs, conditions, and diseases.

Preventive use – Dramamine prevents motion sickness
Diagnostic use - Radiopaque contrast dyes used during x-ray procedures
Therapeutic use - Antibiotic drugs to kill bacteria and cure an infection

2. Give the meaning of and describe the linguistic origin of the symbol Rx. (2 points)
The symbol Rx, which comes from the Latin word recipe, meaning
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(3 points)
1. 10 to 100 healthy volunteers are used to study a safe dose range, evaluate side effects, and establish a final, correct dose.
2. The drug is given on an experimental basis to about 50 to 500 patients who actually have the disease that the drug is intended to treat.
3. The drug is administered to several hundred or several thousand ill patients in exactly the way (dose, route of administration, frequency, etc.) in which it will be used once it is on 2829the market. 6. How do computers assist in the designing of new drugs? (2 points)
- A computer can display the molecular structure of any drug from a listing of thousands contained in its database
- The computer can also identify those chemicals that would probably not be successful in treating a particular disease before time and money are invested in extensive testing.

7. What is the reason for manufacturing a drug as an enteric-coated tablet? (2 points)
An enteric-coated tablet is covered with a special coating that resists stomach acid, but dissolves in the alkaline environment of the small intestine to avoid irritating the stomach.

8. Describe the difference between an elixir and syrup. (1 point)
Elixirs are solutions that contain the drug in a water and alcohol base with added sugar and flavoring.
Syrups are solutions that contain the drug in a thickened water base with added sugar and flavorings,

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