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BIRMINGHAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Introduction: Operations management is concerned with the design, planning, control and improvement of an organization’s resources and processes to produce goods or services for customers. Whether it is the provision of airport services, greetings cards, plastic buckets or holidays, operations managers will have been involved in the design, creation and delivery of those products or service each part of the airport – terminals, baggage handling services, aero plane servicing and catering, for example – has been carefully designed to fulfill not only its current role, but also with the possible demands of the next year and even the next 10 years in mind. Birmingham International Airport; is one of the…show more content…
Operational planning is about making the operation as efficient as possible by working out how they can best allocate their infrastructure to the airlines. Question No.-4: Discuss the relationship between the day-to-day tasks and the long-term issues and explain how Richard manages to oversee both at the same time? Answer: Day-to-day jobs or activity is that one’s anyone does every day as a normal part of your life, your job etc. For example-The manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of the hotel. Besides, long-term issues mean any bond issue which having a maturity for long period like 13 months or more. For example-long-term investment etc. There is a relationship between day-to-day tasks and long-term issues. Day-to-day task is involved in long-term issues, because if regular basis of work does not do properly it creates a long-term issue. In an airport management has to maintain the day-to-day activities. For maintaining long-term issues day-to-day task should be done properly. From this case study we see that the Operation Director Richard manages to oversee both day-to-day tasks and long-term issues at the same time. They have appointed terminal managers whose duty is to look after the day-to-day operational problems and they cover the airport 24 hours a day of the week with one senior manager who


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