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Operating Systems and Software Applications - Microsoft Windows 8
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Operating Systems and Software Applications - Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft has been the world leader with respects to computer Operating Systems Software, and has increasingly become more efficient and precise with each release. Microsoft released their first version of the Windows Software (November 20th, 1985). This operating system was an anomaly at the time, and has progressed to the point that it is used worldwide on most computers in the world. All of the leading competitors have used Windows as a benchmark and have either copied its features or expanded upon them.
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Output hardware is components of or devices linked to a computer, which allow the computer to transfer information to another computer system or the user of a computer system (Kroenke – pg74).
This output hardware sends information in the form of images, sound, or various other tangible imagery usually, to some form of input hardware on another system. It is not designed to receive data only to send. The most familiar of these devices is the visual display or computer monitor. These monitors are usually synonymous with a computer and every system is equipped with or able to connect to a Visual Display Unit. Projectors, audio systems, printers, and faxes are all examples of output hardware.
Microsoft Corporation in their endeavors to enhance everyone’s life with the aid of computing software has developed output hardware for the blind or visually challenged. Windows also offers a function such as video narrator, that provides audio descriptions of videos (
In addition to these components windows is compatible with numerous other programs and hardware components that are designed to enhance the lives of those who are blind or visually impaired. More recently Microsoft has also included Braille output devises and other hardware components in their product lines.
For a quick reference for “Operating Systems and Software Applications Table – Windows 8 – Team C” with respects to the new Windows 8 overview, refer to Table

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