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Determining Databases and Communications

Scenario 1 Today’s world is one that is driven by technology. It’s almost a “get on board or get left behind” situation. Getting dressed, driving to the mall, and walking around shopping are being replaced by staying in pajamas, walking to a computer, and shopping on There are benefits to both situations but it’s up to choose how they would like to conduct business. As business men and women the situation can become a bit more complicated. The following examples help to clarify this statement.
As a marketing assistant that’s in charge of setting up the company booth at trade shows to generate new business, it’s very critical that everything be
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A few examples of relationships that would need to be tracked are:
a. Quantity of parts vs. shipping cost.
b. Required date parts desired vs. shipping cost.
c. Parts needed vs. booth setup vs. trade show location.
Although it’s possible to put just about any process in an excel spreadsheet, the concern is how much time it would take to accomplish all of the required data entry. Why not use a database software program such as Gigatrak to easily barcode and track all of the parts? This software can then be combined with an Excel spreadsheet if the person has more of a comfort level with it. (Asset Tracking, 2010)
In this particular example the preference would be to use a personal database management system (DBMS). Why? Based on personal need and the expectations placed on the database there would have to be significant growth expected to warrant the use of an enterprise database. An enterprise database is designed for use with corporations or large businesses that plan to move large amounts of data or conduct many simultaneous transactions ("To Use or Not to Use a Database? That Is the Question", 2013). Also due to the relatively straightforward process of checking out booth parts and components there really is no need for using a Decision-Support-System. If there were multiple marketing assistants mixing and matching parts and trying to make deadlines then there could be the possible need of a DSS.

Scenario 2
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