BM3505 Service Encounter Journal

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Encounter # 1 Satisfying Service Encounter Date: 17/09/2014 Time: 8:35am
At the clinic, the nurse greeted me and attended to my registeration promptly. She informed me of the estimated waiting time and suggested to me that I could go for my breakfast nearby while waiting for my turn. Since I had my breakfast already, I chose to wait. I was warmly greeted by the doctor when I entered the consultation room. His room is simple and neat, there is also a large professonal certificate plaque hanging on the wall behind him. Unlike other doctors who would start by asking for my sickness, he started a friendly conversation to understand my basic background such as my school and my specialisation. It felt genuine
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Tangibles: the facilities in the clinic are well-maintained and clean. The lighting was also sufficiently bright to inject a positive mood. The plague certificate in the consultation room enhanced the credibility of service. And most importantly, the doctor’s smart appearance and genuine smile inspired confidence and trust.

Empathy: the doctor displayed care towards his customers as he put in the effort to know everyone personally. Also, I felt that I was given individualised attention during the service process as he tailored his reponse to my needs. For instance, he explained the logic flow of this diagnosis when he knew that I did my own research and had qualms about the diagnosis. As a result, I felt really comfortable discussing my concerns with him.

Responsiveness: both the nurse and the doctor displayed this dimension. The nurse voluntarily informed me of the estimated waiting time and took the initiative to suggest a possible way for me to pass time. Her sponteinity and quick response to potential service failures was exemplary of her willingness to help. More importantly, the doctor was exceptionally patient with me and provided unreserved responses to my additional queries.

Supplementing the five dimensions, the Service Theatre Framework is also applicable the analysis in the following areas—impression management, sincere vs cynical and single
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