BMGT 110 Final Paper Kelly S Sandwich Shop Case Study 1

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Case study The purpose of this paper is to identify how different factors effect on the growth of small businesses. The growth of small businesses has been influenced by factors such as growth strategy, business forms, short and medium term goals, financing assistance, organizational structure and staffing needs, customers and promotion, and ethics and social responsibility. In this paper will to discuss how the different factors alter the advancement of small businesses. Kelly’s sandwich concession has been selling sandwich and other lunch items to her customers for the past five years. Though small, her business has been a very optimistic and fast growing business. Applying different strategies to aid in the development of the business…show more content…
When any business develops, there is a predictable procedure of how things happen. For a business to achieve its goals and develop, there are several factors which should be taken into consideration. They include: Sales Each time a business evolves, finding revenue is usually every little thing. The actual promoting department uses the majority of management’s efforts. There are several strategies managers can employ to increase the probability of success of a small business and Kelly being the manager of her business should take them into account. 1. Initiate a process to identify strategies with a high probability for success. They include: Increasing the particular core enterprise, increasing by sub-segmenting buyers and also increasing nearby opportunities. It is strongly recommended that the chief leaders start the procedure by considering the progress likely from the found core enterprise and/or the particular opportunities and also progress likely connected with creating revolutionary price propositions at under functioned buyer organizations. 2. Strengthen the actual performance national infrastructure Strengthening the performance of her business throughout the town and in the suburbs can make her business returns even more pleasing, using adverts and strengthening the sales and marketing team is also one of the key factors to her business success. In addition, hiring professionals, though it may be expensive for her business, in the long

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