BMI Healthcare Case Study

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The research paper aims to evaluate the role of human resource management in regards of BMI healthcare organisation based in the UK and working with public, private and international organisations to promote healthy living among people. It discusses the management functions within organisation that affect the working of HR in an organisation along with the roles and responsibility that a HR of the organisation follow in order to maintain the balance of working. It intent to evaluate key business issues related to the HR of the organisation and some recommendations for BMI healthcare to follow so is to increase the effectiveness of its working in the international healthcare society. Overview of the BMI Healthcare BMI Healthcare is an international healthcare group with the reason to help the individuals lead longer, more beneficial and more satisfied lives. The organisation does that by giving an expansive scope of human services managements, backing and counsel to individuals for the duration of their lives. With solid stakes openly area medicinal services like NHS and expanding contracts in other international human services organisation, BMI healthcare is intended to be a standout amongst the most quickly developing health awareness establishments in the UK and in international health awareness society (BMI Healthcare, 2015). BMI healthcare is a 45 years of age organisation giving managements like Health safety and Wellbeing, Healthcare procurement, Healthcare Analytics and Care…show more content…
• To promote the HR of the company to handle the management of the internal working of organisation • Have any kind of effect in individuals' lives by offering all astounding and esteem included healthcare • Making differing and blend work power of exceptionally talented and learned employees and put resources into their development within the organisation by means of sorted out HR capacity (BMI Healthcare,
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