BMW: The International Marketing Strategy Of BMW

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In the following report a description and analysis of the international marketing strategy of BMW will be given. First a description of the company will be given, shortly explaining the history and elaborating on it’s current situation. Secondly an overview of the company’s activities will be provided including: products, brand portfolio, markets and other relevant information. This will lead into a discussion regarding the company’s recent performance. Furthermore a detailed description and analysis of BMW’s i-series’ international marketing activities is given which will explain market segmentation, targeting and positioning, the product strategy, market entry and distribution methods and promotion and pricing strategies. Then
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They started producing cars in 1928, after starting out as a motorcycle and airplane producer. (Kiley, David (2004) (Darwin Holmstrom, Brian J. Nelson (2002). During the second World War BMW returned to producing mainly aircrafts and temporarily ceased car production altogether until returning to producing luxury vehicles in 1951. (BMW AG, 2015) Nowadays BMW is known for its luxury and high quality motor vehicles and is subsequently part of the “Germany’s Big Three” together with Audi and Mercedes. (Autocar, n.d. Web. 12 Mar. 2015) Their mission statement states “The BMW brand stands for one thing: sheer driving pleasure. Sporting and dynamic performance combined with superb design and exclusive quality." which underlines BMW’s goal of producing high-end cars of the highest quality. (RetailIndustry. 2015.) The BMW group - also known as BMW AG - has several subbrands, namely: Mini, Rolce Royce, BMW Motorrad and BMW which is again divided into BMW M and BMW i. (BMW Group : Brands. 2015). For the purpose of this report the sub brand BMW is the main focus, meaning the cars sold under the BMW name only, subsequently more insight is given into the BMW i-series when looking at the international marketing activities. The BMW i brand was established in 2011 with the purpose of creating electric cars with an emphasis on sustainability. (Capital Company. 2015) (BMW I :…show more content…
The BMW brand stands for high quality and has a positive brand image, not least due to the general good reputation of German manufacturing, leading to low price sensitivity. BMW gains a competitive advantage over its direct competitors due to a differentiation strategy in its advertisements and is viewed by its customers as being sporty and expensive. BMW has its headquarters in Munich, Germany and caters largely to western markets (EU, North America, etc.) and has had difficulties penetrating middle eastern markets due to cultural

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