BMW's Extent of Standardization and the Degree of Adaptation: An Evaluation

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BMW 1.1 EVALUATE TION OF THE EXTENT OF STANDARDIZATION AND THE DEGREE OF ADAPATION OF BMW. BMW marketing veers towards standardization rather than towards adaptation although it has a combination of both. The aesthetics for instance on its websites and the rest of its marketing mix are similar on all its material reflecting standardization. The classic design accords with the image of the company and does not differentiate according to specific country. So, for instance, users switching from the Taiwanese website to the American one will find the same design. The dominant colors of BMW, too - blue, black, silver and grey- remained the same regardless of country, and the pictures are the same too On the other hand, the language has changed in parts as well as the technical data of products which are arranged differently. These aspects reflect adaptability. Another aspect that reflects adaptability of the marketing is that constant changes to reflect target market. Some images change too, as for instance, the animation of the vehicles is different in types and colors. BMW also adapts its social media services (boards, email, guestbook, feedback) to particular target market as well as its customer service offering. It for instance offers services that are particularly targeted to its German market on that website (e.g. Business to Business, public, military, and diplomatic etc.). Occasionally, BMW has its own particular website (e.g. BMW Diplomatic Sales Website). On

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