BOOK REVIEW ON Emergence of a new nation In a multipolar world: Bangladesh

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Emergence of a new nation
In a multipolar world: Bangladesh

Written by
Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelly

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The Book at a Glance:
Title: Emergence of a new nation in a multipolar world: Bangladesh
Edition: 4th Expanded Edition, April’2007.
Published by: Academic Press & Publishers Library.
Cover Design by: Golam Kabir
Price: TK 375.00
All Pages are offset.
Dedication: To his wife and beloved sons.

About the Author:
Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelly
Born in 1943, Munshigonj.
Social Scientist, Educationist and Literature. Joined CSP On 1967.
Was minister for information and later for irrigation, flood control and water resource development.
Has been working
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During 1953-1957 the United State was busily making collective security arrangements in an attempt to recruit ‘Allies’ for her confrontation with the communist camp. In south-east Asia the United State sponsor and encouraged the formation of SEATO (The South East Asian Treaty Organization) and CENTO (The Central Treaty Organization).

The arrangement was originally viewed by the United States & Thailand as underpinning the inherently with Geneva agreement which recognized the communist-ruled North Vietnam. CENTO also began as a regional security grouping at the behest of Iraq and Britain, but the participation of those northern states of Asia sharing frontiers with the Soviet Union such as Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and the reinsurance, as it were, provided by the United Sates, made CENTO no less than SEATO, a US weapon against her Global adversary, Soviet Union.

The birth of Bangladesh-the first state to be born in blood and fire in a polycentric world has been a unique case, as the following analysis shows. There is hypothesis that political factors, rather than economic, ethnic and cultural one, were catalyst of Bangladesh revolution.

Chapter -2
From autonomy to secession
1. A brief history about the Muslim rules in India from the late 1200 century to 1957 is described here.
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