BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

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1. In a narrative format, summarize the key facts and issues of the case.
In the case of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, we examine the effects of an organization not being prepared for this particular crisis. The world scrutinized the actions, inactions, and the human decisions made by BP that led to a major catastrophic crisis. The organization was not prepared for a crisis of this magnitude. Our text stated that this type of negligence has been coined the term sloppy management. They were oblivious to the issues pertaining to the deep waters, the ocean wildlife and the habitats of those marine animals. They were not knowledgeable of several things, along with their initial conundrum of frantically searching for a way to stop the continued spilling of the oil into the ocean. One article quoted an official saying, “We knew how to respond to a surface spill, but this is completely different.”(Bond, D. 2013).
With the modern technology we have, and the easy access, also known as, “information age”, the media and social media only seemed to “intensify the effects of the crisis”(Crandall, W, Parnell, J. & Spillan, J. 2013). This broadened the awareness of certain environmental issues and caused a panic among the populations. The elite scientists were faced with new issues due to the oil spill that they too had never intended. After these type of major crises, it creates a learning opportunity for
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